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In 1997, the service of transportation, distribution and storage of manure, slurry, and by-products proceeding from associate livestock holdings was created under the name of ESYPU. GUCO owns a 73.2% of the shareholding, whereas SOINCAR and INCO own a 13.4% of the shareholding each.

Thanks to the great upwelling of nutritients of its components, slurry may be very benefitial to the land. However, any excess is to be treated and placed in the appropriate place to avoid a possible environmental risk.

ESYPU facilitates an effective management of swine manure and contributes to the balance of the environment.

esypu esypu

Technical data

Year 1997
Activity Manure and slurry management
Address C/Tarragona, 1. 44580 Valderrobres (Teruel)
Phone number 978 85 00 62
Fax 978 85 07 05
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