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Corporate Social Responsibility

We are a socially responsible corporation that makes an active and voluntary contribution to improve the competitive situation in our region and its added value. All of our practices, strategies and management systems are developed on this basis and aim for a new balance between the entrepreneurial, social, cultural and environmental dimensions.

Corporate Responsibility

responsabilidad social grupo arcoirisSettlement of population and employment. Since 1978, Grupo Arcoíris contributes to stabilizing population and organizing the region, as well as helping to avoid emigration. It offers employment to over 300 families.

Supporting entrepreneurs. Grupo Arcoíris supports other entrepreneurs in the region of Matarraña, where over a 56% of the working population is self-employed.

Business incubator. Arcoíris backs new initiatives in the region and supports young entrepreneurs by contracting their services. It is a way to encourage interior designers, lawyers, computer scientists, and journalists.

Social Responsibility

Women’s role. In Grupo Arcoiris, over 34% of our workers are women, 29% of which are immigrants. In Arcoíris, we emphasize the role of women in a rural context and offer a long-term career with a remuneration that takes into consideration their knowledge and skills. By doing so, the women sector occupies both, administrative and management positions, and technical and craftwork positions.

Arcoíris, mainstreaming immigration. Twenty-nine per cent of our workers are immigrants proceeding from countries such as Romania, Morocco, Bulgaria, Senegal, Ukraine, Colombia, and Peru. In Arcoíris, we do not only offer stable jobs, but also reach out to immigrants collaborating with their integration and encouraging companionship and coexistence with other workers.

  men women total  
spanish 135 85 220 71%
immigrants 70 20 90 29%
TOTAL 205 105 310  
  66% 34%    
*Updated data: September 2010

Cultural Responsibility

Our group does not only stand out for our business and social activities, but also for our support to culture and the tradition of our region. This support is directed through different perspectives:

Quality Gastronomy. We offer top-quality meat products. Our premium livestock makes our incipient tourism value the rich gastronomy of Matarraña. For this reason, both restaurant owners and final consumers trust the quality assurance of our products.

Tradition and Craftwork. We follow tradition and good customs during production, keep traditional work alive and recover our grandparents’ know-how, since it is their knowledge that made our meat products popular.

Cultural Life. Grupo Arcoíris takes part in all events related to gastronomy in neighbouring towns. For instance, we provide our products in gastronomic days, festivals, and hiking tours.

Responsabildiad Social Grupo ArcoírisResponsabildiad Social Grupo ArcoírisResponsabildiad Social Grupo ArcoírisResponsabildiad Social Grupo Arcoíris

Environmental Responsibility

Grupo Arcoíris is located in a parkland in Spain, next to the natural park Puertos de Beceite, hence our environmental consciousness. We recycle and try to put our waste into different use not to damage the environment.

Sustainable slurry recycling. In Grupo Arcoiris, we reuse the slurry from our associate members’ pig farms as compost. We gather all the excess of slurry in pools and treatment plants, where we study how to obtain energy from waste. We focus on avoiding concentration of odour by filtering water and also eluding contamination of natural aquifers.

Maintenance of the Natural Reserves of Vultures. In Grupo Arcoíris, we dispose of rabbit remains in a natural and completely ecological way. They are taken to Mas de Buñol, the only vulture observation centre in the world that is located in a feeder for this bird species. It is situated in Matarraña, Teruel. By doing so, Grupo Arcoíris contributes to the maintenance of a protected species and avoids its extinction.

Reuse in textile industry.An authorized waste manager also collects remains and waste materials of this kind. With respect to leather, it is tanned in the textile industry and exported to China.

Recycling of office equipment.

  • A specialized recycling company collects periodically all printing material from each of our firms (toners, ribbons, etc).
  • Moreover, the paper used is crushed and used again with two utilities:
  • To stuff boxes, baskets and lots products.
  • Piglets beds.
  • In Grupo Arcoíris, we also consider energy saving and give priority to new electronic technologies such as e-mails and sms’ to economise on paper.


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